Mnet M! Countdown 08.15.13 – 2NE1’s First Win with “Do You Love Me”

Today’s win at M! Countdown was 2NE1 with “Do You Love Me“, beating Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar.” Congratulations 2NE1!

Today featured the exciting comeback of handsome of ZE:A with the powerful songs “Step By Step” and “Ghost Of Wind”. Other performances today featured Kim Hyun Joong, F-ve Dolls, B.A.P, Big Star, VIXX and many more. MC today was the very sexy guy Kim Woo Bin.

Next week will feature the comeback performances of Big Bang’s Seungri, Sunmi and NU’EST!

Check out the other videos below from tonight’s performances!

Congratulations again to 2NE1!

2NE1 Winning M! Countdown

2NE1 – “Do You Love Me”

Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar”

ZE:A – “Ghost Of Wind”

ZE:A – “Step By Step”

Kim Hyun Joong – “Let’s Party”

F-ve Dolls – “1st Soulmate”

B.A.P – “Badman”

B.A.P – “Coffee Shop”

Big Star – “Run N Run”

VIXX – “G.R.8.U”

M.I.B – “Men In Black”

Say Yes


Kim Greem

Tasty – “Spectacular”

Stellar – “Study”

San E – “Story of Someone I Used To Know

Lush – “Miserable”

Kim Woo Bin interviewing Crayon Pop

NU’EST Comeback Next Week

Seungri Comeback Next Week

Sunmi Comeback Next Week

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