Kim Hye Soo Was a Fan of “Park Soo Ha” in “I Hear Your Voice”

Kim Hye Soo has recently praised Lee Jong Suk and expressed her affections for her junior.

On August 14, the cast of “Physiognomy” (or “The Face Reader”) appeared on SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment” for an interview.

During the interview, Kim Hye Soo spoke about Lee Jong Suk by saying, “I watched ‘I Hear Your Voice‘ and I was surprised because his acting range is so wide,” and “It was so different from what I’ve seen of him before so I received a new kind of shock.”

Despite her busy schedule, it seems like Kim Hye Soo was a fan of the popular drama and was on board with the rest of Korea for the Park Soo Ha (character that Lee Jong Suk plays) craze!

A few moments later, it was mentioned that Lee Jong Suk gave foot massages to Lee Bo Young. When Kim Hye Soo heard that, she said, “I don’t really encounter Lee Jong Suk during the movie a lot but he is always with his father (played by Song Kang Ho),” and to Song Kang Ho, she asked, “Has your son ever foot massaged you?”

Then Song Kang Ho answered, “Never,” with a pretend-bitter smile, which made everyone laugh.

After watching this segment, netizens comment, “Unni, I am lovesick over Lee Jong Suk too,” “It’s understandable, you can’t help but fall for him,” “He is probably a junior that is worth caring for,” and more.

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