Song Seung Hun Positively Reviewing Steamy Rated-R Romance Film

Song Seung Hun is looking to make a big screen come back.

On August 14, movie industry insiders revealed that Song Seung Hun is positively reviewing the upcoming film, “Human Addiction” (working title).

“Human Addiction” is set in the sixties and is about an honest and upright war hero Colonel, who falls in love with one of his officer’s wife and carries on a dangerous romance. It will be directed by the same person who worked on the steamy historical fiction hits, “The Servant” and “Forbidden Quest.”

Song Seung Hun will be playing the leading role of the Colonel. It is reported that he is currently looking through other casting calls as well. If Song Seung Hun accepts “Human Addiction,” it will be his first rated-R movie.

The film is set to start going into production on October 10.

Song Seung Hun’s last project was the drama, “When A Man Loves,” which ended in June.