Brian Talks About His “Pretty Woman” in First Video Teaser for Upcoming Digital Single

Solo male artist Brian has released the first video teaser for his upcoming digital single “Pretty Woman.” This new single comes after a year and a half hiatus. It is part of “The Artist Diary Project” for the Rainbow Bridge Agency.

This video is not a music video teaser, but shows the singer sitting in a chair playing with a rubik’s cube discussing the odd things that his girlfriend does but he still finds cute, such as a woman who eats a hamburger meal at a fast food place but orders diet soda.

In the style of a documentary interview, Brian is asked why he is playing with the rubik’s cube, and he answered that his girlfriend gave it to him to complete every time he thinks of her. The completed cube turns out to show a picture of a heart, which makes Brian smile and say, “She’s really cute, isn’t she?” with a smitten smile on his face.

It seems his first teaser picture is a still from this video.