Seungri Is Very Confident about His Music Video for ‘Gotta Talk to U”

Seungri continues to tease fans about his upcoming second solo mini album, “Let’s Talk About Love,” by stating his confidence in the music video for the title song, “Gotta Talk to U.”

Seungri writes on his personal Facebook account, “For this music video I didn’t want to adhere to any specific story or special concept; I just want it to fit the music. I wanted it to emphasize my maturity and transformation.”

The director of the music video is Han Sa Min who also directed Big Bang‘s “Monster,” “Bad Boy,” and “Blue.” Both the director and Big Bang’s long time stylist, Ji Eun, said to Seungri that he must come out looking great in this music video. 

Seungri commented, “I am confident that this is the music video I look the best in out of all the music videos I filmed alone.” For Seungri, looking the best is not just physical. “I must look good on the inside and outside.”

Seungri lastly thanks his fellow actor/model Song Hae Na who showed great acting in the music video. Along with this message, he included what seems to be two still from his music video, which shows the singer looking pensive and moody in a dark set wearing closely-fitted suits.

Seungri let's talk about love image 4

“Let’s Talk About Love” will be digitally released next week on August 19, followed by the physical album release on August 21. If you haven’t already, check out the rated R teaser for ‘Let’s Talk About Love” and Seungri giving more details about his album.