Jung Joon Young Thought He Would Star in TaeTiSeo’s Music Video

Jung Joon Young, former contestant of “Superstar K4,” revealed on the KBS variety program “Happy Together” that he mistakenly thought he would star in TaeTiSeo‘s “Twinkle” music video.

The singer described the situation as such. An acquaintance asked him if he wanted to appear on TaeTiSeo’s music video in an important role. Jung Joon Young agreed and went to the filming only to find EXO‘s Chanyeol taking the main role.

jung joon young in taetiseo twinkle

Jung Joon Young explained, “It wasn’t a problem at all because I was getting paid regardless.” Jung Joon Young added, bringing laughter to the set, “But they gave the money late. Are you watching now?”

jung joon young happy together

Also on this August 15 episode, singers Kim Hyun Joong and Muzi, actors Choi Won Young and Jo Dal Hwan were guests along with Jung Joon Young on this “Flower Boy” special.