B.A.P Talks Airport Fashion for “@star1”

The recent Billboard World Albums Chart topper ( with” Badman“) B.A.P posed for the September issue of the fashion magazine “@star1,” losing none of their charisma despite wearing more dandy clothes.

In the accompanying interview, B.A.P discussed the all important airport fashion, which global stars like B.A.P are constantly photographed in due to their frequent travels around the world to meet their fans.

Member Himchan stated, “All of us like neat and comfortable clothes. I personally have a lot of interest in clothes, and I like to accent an outfit with shoes or belts.”

In comparison, member Bang Yong Guk stated, “Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to fashion.” 

Zelo, showing some admiration for the leader, stated, “Yong Guk looks good whatever he wears.” He added, “I also have great interest in fashion like Himchan, and I like to mix-and-match different things.”