G-Dragon Shakes Things Up with Teaser for 2nd Album “coup d’etat”

G-Dragon celebrates his birthday (August 18 KST) with the release of a teaser video for his upcoming solo album!

Just two days after Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri dropped an explosive teaser for 2nd mini album, “Let’s Talk About Love,” the leader joins him in an overhaul of YG comebacks with another full album of his own. 

The teaser shows G-Dragon first drowned in black goo, the outlines of his face slowly emerging on the surface. He transforms into a soldier drenched in red, then into an angry G-Dragon crowned with a spiky helmet and plastered in white. He repeats the phrase “shake the world,” while furiously shaking his head himself.

Check out the video below! Which Big Bang teaser leaves you wanting for more?