Husky Voiced NC.A Finally Reveals Her Face!

After debuting with the cute and energetic single, “My Student Teacher,” NC.A has finally revealed her face!

On August 16, a couple of cuts of NC.A were revealed, showing NC.A’s cute, innocent and pretty looks. The public was surprised to see NC.A’s youthful and cute image due to her strong and powerful vocals.

NC.A debuted with “My Student Teacher” on August 12 and received a lot of attention for her music video, which starred celebrities such as actor Jung Man Shik, Seo Ji Suk and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri.

Netizens who finally caught a glimpse of NC.A commented, “I thought she would look more like Jung Man Shik but this is such a shock,” “Why didn’t she reveal her face before? Very pretty,” “She may be the next Nation’s Little Sister,” “That face with that husky voice? I’m very excited,” and more.

NC.A’s “My Student Teacher” is a cute love song about a high schooler having a crush on a student teacher. Check out her two different music videos of “My Student Teacher” here and here!

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