CL Is Most Wanted By Her Seniors in “Super Match”

2NE1‘s fierce leader CL has proved to be popular even to her senior artists.

On August 16, SBS’ new music competition program “Super Match” aired its pilot episode where junior and senior artists are paired together to perform a collaboration stage.

During the episode, CL received 20 points out of 25 for the popularity poll taken by the senior artists, making her the most wanted junior. Afterwards, CL commented, “I was so shocked. It’s actually more burdensome than I thought.”

CL superweek 081613

She continued, “I’ve thought of only one senior from the start. I’m the type to only dig one well so I don’t think I will change my decision,” as she proceeded to choose Lee Seung Hwan. Lee Seung Hwan also commented, “I’ve always looked up CL’s activities.”

CL then added, “Lee Seung Hwan senior is called the ‘god of concerts’ so I think we will perform like it’s a concert and have a lot of fun.” Lee Seung Hwan also said, “Since I got paired up with CL, who got the most votes, we will try to create a great performance that brings the most votes as well.”

Meanwhile, other pairs include Bobby Kim-Dynamic Duo, YB-Clazziquai, Yang Hee Eun-Lim Kim and Lee Hyun Do-Kim Tae Woo.