[Soompi Spotlight] Asia’s Prince Lee Kwang Soo is King of Fan Service

One of the well-loved members of “Running ManLee Kwang Soo held his first ever solo fan meeting in Singapore over the weekend. He had received so much love from the fans that he couldn’t stop himself from random outbursts of “I love you, Singapore!” and “Thank you, Singapore!”.

Following Kim Jong Kook and Haha, he is the third member of “Running Man” to hold a fan meeting in the country. Besides appearing to be a little nervous and shaky during opening song “Hug“, the actor-entertainer had nice vocals and many fans were taken aback by how good he sounds! Funny as it may seem, Lee Kwang Soo ended the song with… robot dance!


Fans had plenty of opportunities to interact with Lee Kwang Soo, as promised by event organizer Faith & D Entertainment.

In the “Action Telepathy” game segment, everyone in the audience was asked to stand and take part and guess what pose (out of five) will Lee Kwang Soo make. The ones who didn’t make the same pose were eliminated and finally, 10 lucky winners got to go on stage to take photos with the star. Everyone was having a lot of fun during the game as four poses were from the robot dance and the last pose was a “saranghae” love sign formed with both hands above the head. It was hard not to laugh as everyone very gamely got into all these weird positions without any hesitation.


After the second song “Because I Love You“, it also got a lot more “intense” as described by Lee Kwang Soo when another four lucky fans were picked for the second game, “Questions & Requests.” The fans could either ask him a question or request something from him. All of them made special requests, to which Lee Kwang Soo agreed quite readily, earning many brownie points for his fan service — taking a photo with a back hug, a kiss on the forehead, and a piggyback ride! You don’t usually get such fan service from Korean male idols! 

Friends of the “Running Man” member, Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, Lee Dong Wook, and Kim Bum also sent their greetings and wishes for a successful fan meeting through a video. 


Although he always plays the traitor in “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo is quite a child at heart. When emcee Kenneth asked the audience to make a “Kallang Wave” (to rise and raise hands in the air from one end to another, forming a wave) for Lee Kwang Soo, he actually asked for permission to record it, ran backstage to grab his phone and came back, saying he will show it to his “Running Man” mates and show them how much love he’s getting here.


During his closing song “I Believe,” the 1.9m tall Lee Kwang Soo jumped off the stage and walked through the audience. With fans rushing forward trying to get close to him, it was still easy to spot him given his tall body frame.

At the press conference a day before, Lee Kwang Soo was asked about the advantages and disadvantages of his height. He replied “Frankly speaking, I’m quite satisfied with myself, I like my height, maybe when dressing up, I might have a bit of difficulty. The disadvantage is when I’m on ‘Running Man,’ I’m noticed quite easily. That will be my disadvantage.”

Well, at moments like this, we certainly appreciate his height!


Thanks to Faith & D Entertainment for inviting Soompi to cover the fan meeting.

All non-watermarked fan meeting photos credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

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