Lee Jong Suk Is Jealous of Jo Jung Suk?

What has Lee Jong Suk, one of the hottest stars right now, got to be jealous of? Recently, he showed jealousy toward Jo Jung Suk, creating a lot of laughs.

On August 19, the cast of “Physiognomy” (or “The Face Reader“) appeared on MBC’s “Feel Good Day” for an interview.

Actor Song Kang Ho commented, “The cast members get along together so well and their actual personalities shine through the characters so I think the film will be very good.”

Lee Jong Suk added, “Jo Jung Suk hyung is more of the mood setter than I am. When I see senior Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk talking together, it feels like watching a gag show. It’s really fun,” with a laugh.

Then Jo Jung Suk replied, “I never try to be the mood setter. My role is very bright and energetic so I think that’s why it happened to be like that.”

Then Lee Jong Suk said, “Senior Song Kang Ho really cares for Jo Jung Suk hyung. I play Song Kang Ho’s nephew and Jo Jung Suk plays his brother-in-law but it seems like he cares more about his brother-in-law,” with a hint of humorous jealousy.

Then Jo Jung Suk replied, “That’s not true. Song Kang Ho hyung cares for everyone. And Lee Jong Suk probably felt that way because I have more scenes with him.”

“Physiognomy” is set to be released on September 11.

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