Lyn Releases Teaser Clip for “Song For Love”

Lyn released a teaser clip of her upcoming single, “Song For Love.”

Four months after she released “LYn 8th #1” with B2ST‘s Yong Jun Hyung, she comes back with yet another song plucking away at your heartstrings. “Song For Love” will be a part of “LYn 8th #2,” which will soon culminate in her eighth full album. As one of Korea’s widely known ballad/R&B solo artists, Lyn is expected to meet the highest industry standards with her rich vocal range. Her hit songs, such as “I Loved You,” have reached classic status, as it is covered by countless number of up-and-coming artists and amateurs in noraebangs across the nation.

The clip shows Lyn ambling about in an empty park and into a field of tall grass alone. The atmosphere set by the video is peaceful, as though she were lost in a dream filled with sunshine. She looks about contentedly while fiddling with a piece of grass.

Check out the teaser clip below!