Kara’s “Runaway” MV Gives Preview of the Group’s Upcoming Drama “Secret Love”

It’s almost here! Girl group Kara will be returning to Korea’s music stage September 2 with their fourth full-length album, but today, they have unveiled a track from their upcoming album, titled “Runaway.”

“Runaway” is composed by Shim Eun Ji, who works under JYP Entertainment. She has composed songs for Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, and 15&, as well as non-JYP artists like f(x) and Infinite. Her specialty is in medium- tempo or ballad tracks, and she is bringing her expertise to Kara’s new album, allowing the girls to showcase their musical maturity.

The music video is a compilation of scenes from Kara’s upcoming cinemtic TV drama project, “Secret Love,” which is directed by Kim Tae Gyu (“That Winter the Wind Blows“). “Secret Love” takes the form of a melodrama omnibus, with five episodes and each member of Kara starring in one episode.

“Runaway” is available on online music stores.