Defconn Comes Back with “Notorious Girl” MV Teaser

Defconn comes back with a teaser clip for his upcoming single, “Notorious Girl,” featuring Boni.

Earlier this month, Psy-meets-Lonely-Island rapper Defconn released an explicit music video for “Cocktail,” featuring Rania T-ae. Mostly known for comedic acts on television and as a host on “Weekly Idol,” the rapper returns with R&B diva Boni, adding to an already illustrious list of past female collaborators. Minah from Girl’s Day is among recent features.

The black-and-white teaser shows Defconn sitting silently in a chair as an intense scene unravels before him. Stoic shots of tears falling from a girl’s face and a tattered rose dropping to the ground are juxtaposed with a man uncontrollable with anger. While his earlier act had not-so-subtle sexual innuendos abound, “Notorious Girl” seems to promise a more dramatic side of Defconn.

Check out the video below!