Suzy Shakes Hands with Lee Hyori’s Pet Dog

Suzy is making friends in high places.

Soonshim, Lee Hyori’s famous poodle mix, was lounging about on the floor of an unidentified salon when Suzy approached to say hello. A series of photos released on Suzy’s Twitter chronicled the process of her efforts to befriend the little one.

“She looks friendly but she’s actually hard-to-get,” “I’m gonna take this picture pretending we’re friends nevertheless,” “Soonshim’s reluctant expression: ‘Here, a hand,'” commented Suzy.

Lee Hyori responded to the photos, “Isn’t Soonshim lucky today.”

Netizens commented, “Just looking at Suzy and Soonshim heals my heart,” “Suzy and Soonshim are so cute together. Do Suzy and Lee Hyori go to the same salon?” and “Soonshim is so lucky.”

Who is luckier: Suzy or Soonshim?

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