Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Jay Park and Clara’s Couple Photo Shoot

What happened behind-the-scenes during Jay Park and Clara‘s couple photo shoot?

Jay Park and Clara recently collaborated in a sizzling spread for “1st Look Magazine” in promotion of the upcoming One Hiphop Festival. Already marking their second time working together after Jay Park’s Joah” MV, the hotness level of these two sex icons in this shoot was off the charts.

The footage behind-the-scenes showed that despite the obvious chemistry, the two stars are still awkward when it comes to couple posing time. Jay is perfectly comfortable looking sexy and glistening all by himself, but as soon as he’s positioned right underneath Clara’s spread out legs, he acts like any normal shy boy.

“This is too much!” screams Jay.

Clara comments looking slightly worried, “I might have scared him.”

Check out the video below!