The Girls of Kara are Beautiful Princesses in White in New Teaser Images

The long-awaited comeback of Kara is drawing near with the release of teaser images for their upcoming album release.

In the pictures, the members of Kara are dressed in white, looking delicate, feminine, and dreamy. Released on Kara’s Facebook with the caption “Princess”, the images tell us the upcoming fourth album title is “Full Bloom.”

I Can’t Become a Lady” (translated from the Korean ‘숙녀가 못 돼’)” is the title track of Kara’s “Full Bloom.” This is the first time that Kara will be promoting a title track in Korea that doesn’t use English words in the name. Previously, the group promoted “Rock U (락유),” “Pretty Girl (프리티 걸),” “Mister (미스터),” “Step (스텝),” and “Pandora (판도라),” which all were English words or phrases spelled out in Korean. 

Before their return on September 2 with their fourth full-length album, they have pre-released a track from their upcoming album, titled “Runaway.”

“Runaway” is composed by Shim Eun Ji, who works under JYP Entertainment. She has composed songs for Wonder Girls2AM2PM, and 15&, as well as non-JYP artists like f(x) and Infinite. Her specialty is in medium- tempo or ballad tracks, and she is bringing her expertise to Kara’s new album, allowing the girls to showcase their musical maturity. You can view the music video here.

Kara princess gyuri

Kara princess harajpg

Kara princess ji young

Kara princess nicole

Kara princess seung yeon

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