Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Thanks Fans for Their Love and Dedication

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon couldn’t keep it in any longer and poured her heart out to fans through a message on her Instagram. She starts with “I have something that I have always wanted to say, but couldn’t easily express.”

Taeyeon continues on to write, ” I am grateful to our fans who always capture me in the best way in pictures. Your effort, dedication, and love to capture me in the most beautiful way even when I am frowning fills my heart with a gratefulness that I can’t express with words.” Taeyeon explains that she can see the fans’ love in the pictures she has seen that were taken by them. 

This thoughtful idol reveals that she feels sorry to her fans as much as she feels thankful because there are often times that the situation becomes dangerous or hurtful when the fans are taking pictures and she is being filmed by them; both she and her fans have to worry about each other.

Not only for the pictures, Taeyeon also writes that she is always grateful to her fans for their love and affection in every way. She would like to learn how to take pictures from the fans; how can they make her look so fresh and bright in their pictures? She wonders if SONE take their own selcas that well. 

In conclusion, Taeyeon writes “I love you SONE,” wishing that she and her fans will be able to see each other for a long time.

SONEs will have soon have another opportunity to capture this warm-hearted singer when Girls’ Generation performs at the 2013 Incheon Hallyu Concert on September 1.