Lee Yeon Hee Transforms into a Queen for “Vogue”

The lovely actress Lee Yeon Hee makes a royal return to the fashion scene through “Vogue Korea” magazine.

Plucked straight from Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014 Woman Collection, the strikingly red and jewel-embedded dresses transcend Lee Yeon Hee to a crown jewel of fashion in this September issue. The gowns are inspired by Venetian and Byzantine mosaics in twelfth-century cathedrals in Sicily, Italy, according to Vogue.com. Her deep red lips and hollowed out cheeks give her a chilling ambience, as though she is frozen in time.

The actress gained much attention last year by starring in the mystery series “Phantom” alongside the high-profile So Ji Sub and her brief appearance in “Gu Family Book.” Her recent projects include “Marriage Blue,” an upcoming film about two engaged couples going through turbulent days right before their wedding ceremonies.

Check out the photos below!

lee yeon hee vogue

lee yeon hee vogue