Crayon Pop Plans to Release “Bar Bar Bar 2.0” in September

Crayon Pop has plans to upgrade “Bar Bar Bar” to “Bar Bar Bar 2.0.”

Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment, plans to continue the addicting “5 Cylinder” dance craze into September as its staff revealed that the music video for “Bar Bar Bar 2.0” is in the making. 

“The popular jumping choreography will remain in the video to lure international attention, but the feel of the song will be entirely different,” he commented. The group recently signed with the global music corporation Sony Music.

Even amidst a windfall of popularity this summer, the girls have been on rocky roads as controversy surfaced over possible plagiarism and politically inappropriate statements. It has led customers of the Korean online shopping mall “Auction” to end their membership due to its endorsement of Crayon Pop. Their feature in the upcoming episode on an MBC documentary series might provide the opportunity to explain the girls’ side of the story. The air date is TBA.