2PM’s Chansung Returns to Television in Drama Special “Your Noir”

2PM‘s talented maknae Chansung will be returning to television to act in an upcoming drama special, “Your Noir.”

He is cast as the main role for KBS 2TV’s one-episode drama special, playing a rookie mobster caught in a dangerously romantic relationship with his former high school teacher, who also happens to be the wife of a targeted man. The role of the tragic heroine goes to Chae Jung An, who recently completed MBC’s “When A Man Loves” with Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun.

A staff revealed that Chansung was an ideal pick due to his passion for acting. “He’s really showing his passionate side during script rehearsals and meetings with the director. […] Considering that the main character is athletic and a member of the judo club, we had sent love calls to Chansung who fit both the athleticism and superior physique.”

“Your Noir” is set to begin filming on August 24. The episode will air October 2.