Simon D and Amoeba Culture Get Publicly Dissed by E-Sens and Swings

Simon D and Amoeba Culture are under fire by none other than their very own, E-Sens, followed by another hip hop artist Swings.

E-Sens, who was part of Supreme Team with Simon D, left the hip hop duo and the agency Amoeba Culture over “musical differences” last month. Despite what seemed to be an outcome of his marijuana incident in 2012, the disbandment held great promise for both artists as E-Sens simultaneously announced his plans to begin activities as a solo artist. On August 23, it was found that E-Sens dedicated his first song, “You Can’t Control Me” to blasting Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Amoeba Culture.

“Answer me after you hear this, Gaeko”/ “Don’t go hiding like you’ve been doing for the past five years in the company”/ “You’re cosplaying as a nice person”/ “Be real, you’re the slyest one here while I’m just a substitute for Dynamic Duo.”

Swings contributed to the battle by giving his two cents on Simon D on his new track, “King Swings Part 2.”

“When E-Sens left you held hands with Dynamic Duo”/ “Send me proof while he’s asleep”/ “Now you cheesin’ on TV like you’re the nice guy?”/”Is it his fault for rejecting a billion [won] slave contract? I’ve recognized you since J-Tong you *** Simon D. Go with Primary to a gay bar.”

Swings’ agency tried to deny that this song was a “diss,” only that he was just “trying to assert his superiority as a hip hop artist.” This pacifistic stance is consistent with E-Sens’ recent interview with Hip Hop LE radio station, where he was asked if his actions were inspired by Kendrick Lamar and his antagonistic lyrics in the song “Control.” E-Sens agrees with Lamar that hip hop scene in Korea as well as in the United States needs to upgrade itself. He also wanted to jolt the scene with a wake-up call.

“There is no difference whether your performance is superior or mediocre,” E-Sens commented. “You can still be #1 on Melon charts with mediocrity. On the flip side, you only get small scale concerts even though you’re amazing. You gotta be amazing for the Korean hip hop scene to be amazing, but the focus shifted to getting that #1 spot on Melon charts.”

What do you think were the real intentions behind these diss songs?