The Best and Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Duo Wed of the wedding information company Duo surveyed 100 wedding planners, asking them to critique celebrity wedding fashion. 

According to the results, actress Jun Ji Hyun was picked the worst dressed for her wedding by 37% of the wedding planners. They faulted the length and sleeve of the dress that didn’t match the actress.

jun ji hyun wedding dress

Behind her in second place for the worst dressed is actress Lee Min Jung, who recently married Lee Byung Hun, with 24%. The wedding planners thought her dress was too long and too full, overwhelming the beautiful actress.

lee min jung wedding dress

In third place was actress Go So Young, married to actor Jang Dong Gun, with 15% for an overly elaborate dress.

In first place for the best dressed was actress Kim Hyo Jin with 42% of the wedding planners agreeing to her title. At her wedding to actor Yoo Ji Tae, the actress wore a long, slim dress that fit her stature, and accessorized with a tiara to top off the elegant look.

kim hyo jin wedding dress

Actress Kang Hye Jung, married to rapper Tablo, with 22% placed second for best.

Kang Hye jung wedding dress

Go So Young’s wedding dress divided the critics- she also ranked third for the best dressed with 13%.

Who do you think was the best and worst dressed?

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