CL Shows Off Tan Abs While Eating Ice Cream

On August 24, 2NE1 member and solo artist CL posted photographs on her Instagram account with the captions: “somebodygavemethisicecream” and “anditmademegoCRAZZZY.” In the photographs, CL is seen posing with big sunglasses, loosely blown-out hair, and a towering cup of ice cream. While the ice cream did look delicious, the real attention-grabber was CL’s slim, tan abs revealed by a black crop top that was cut away at the midriff.

In other news, on August 22, 2NE1 flew to Osaka, Japan for a summer music festival called “a-nation” held at Nagai Stadium. SHINee are scheduled to perform in Tokyo, Japan at the Ajinomoto Stadium. The members posted photographs documenting their time in Japan, and returned to Seoul, South Korea on August 25.