Gary Rejects Lee Kwang Soo’s Dinner Invitation

Both Gary and Lee Kwang Soo were out of luck this past weekend. However, Gary had a pretty rough day in general and Lee Kwang Soo kindly offered dinner, but Gary humorously rejected the offer.

It all started on August 24 when Gary made a post on his Twitter, He wrote, “Ah.. I lost my wallet on the KTX yesterday and heard that it’s not there anymore. The start of a hopeless day ㅠ.” Lee Kwang Soo replied, “How the. I lost my phone. How about we grab dinner, hyung?” Gary responded without answering his offer, “We will lose our souls if we meet people with no manners. Lets be careful.”

Gary also wrote on his Twitter, “I had 1 million won (about 1,000 USD) and the wallet itself was a gift. I also received a precious lucky charm during the holiday and carried it in my wallet for the past three years… my luck… I just want to lie in my bed today kekeke. Everyone, please watch out for your stuff!!”

Hip hop singer Gary and actor Lee Kwang Soo are currently fixed guests for hit variety show “Running Man,” which airs every Sunday at 6:10pm (KST).

gary lee kwang soo inside