Son Na Eun Dressed In Neutral Tones And Lace For “Arena Homme Plus”

A Pink member Son Na Eun exuded innocent and delicate feminine charm in her fashion shoot spread in men’s “Arena Homme Plus” magazine. 

For the shoot, Son Na Eun was outfitted in equally delicate lace, ruffles and chiffon that emphasized her dainty figure.

The female idol has been busy garnering the adoration of fans on the latest MBC entertainment series, “We Got Married.” She is currently wedded to her pretend-husband, SHINee‘s member Taemin

In her interview with “Arena,” Son Na Eun talked about what it was like to film “We Got Married.” She said, “Even when the cameras are off, I just keep talking with everyone as they fix my make-up. It’s a very comfortable environment.”

She went on to say, “If I had to pick between love and entertainment…I’d pick entertainment.” She explained, “Although finding love is just as important, I think looking out for my own interests is equally if not more important. I want to start thinking about marriage once I’ve been able to accomplish what I have set out to do.”

You can check out the rest of Son Na Eun’s photos in the September issue of “Arena.”