Sung Hoon and Choi Yoon Young Join Girls’ Generation Seohyun in Drama “Passionate Love”

Actors Sung Hoon and Choi Yoon Young are rounding out the cast for the upcoming SBS drama “Passionate Love.”

“Passionate Love” is described a “humanistic melodrama that follows the tragic love and success story of a man and woman who get tangled up in tragic destinies due to conflicts in their parents’ generation.”

Sung Hoon, who was last seen in the 2o12 drama “Faith,” will play the role of Kang Mu Yeol, a third-generation chaebol who has the both the looks and wealth but is from a troubled family. He is scarred from the loss of a past love.

Actress Choi Yoon Young, who took on a bubbly, bright role in 2012’s “My Daughter, Seoyoung,” will play the role of Han Yoo Jung, who receives the love of both Kang Mu Yeol and his half-brother Hong Soo Hyuk. Han Yoo Jung has a tomboyish and unruly personality which helped her overcome the sudden loss of her family.

As it was reported previously, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is also performing in this drama, playing the role of Han Yoo Rim, the older sister of Han Yoo Jung and first love of Kang Mu Yeol. She will act alongside Lee Won Geun, who will play the younger version of Kang Mu Yeol. 

Lee Won Geun

Lee Won Geun

“Passionate Love” is set to air September 28 on SBS after “Wonderful Mama” finishes its run.