Infinite Members Wish Sungyeol a Happy Birthday!

Infinite member Sungyeol celebrates his birthday today, August 27, and a flood of well wishes from fans, as well as his fellow members have come forth.

Member Sungjong wrote on his personal Twitter account “Yeol hyung~ Happy birthday Bbyong! I’m first” and included a picture of himself sitting in the car.

Infinite’s “Dance Machine” Hoya also wrote on his Twitter, “Happy birthday, Sungyeol~! I hope today is the best day for you!”

Woo Hyun also took to Twitter to wish his fellow member a happy birthday, leaving a short message “Sungyeol jjang” and an adorable picture of the members. Woo Hyun and Sungyeol are looking into the camera; Woo Hyun has a smile on his face but Sungyeol looks surprised. Woo Hyun added thought bubbles into the picture to show that Sungjong is in the back and Hoya’s arm muscle also makes an appearance.

Happy birthday, Sungyeol!