Brown Eyed Girls Gain Screams at Her Own Yearbook Picture

Brown Eyed GirlsGain had a frightening past.

On the recent episode of Mnet “Beatles Code 2,” special guests Gain and EXO were featured in a summer horror special. A segment of the episode ran through a set of iconic ghosts in several horror movies, when suddenly Gain’s old yearbook photo came on screen. It was Gain in her senior year of high school.

“AHHH,” screamed Gain, completely caught off guard. The MCs agreed that high school Gain was “the scariest” and “gave them chills.”

Netizens have responded: “It’s okay after you put on make-up,” “Gain was really surprised there,” “She was kind of cute,” “The magic of make-up,” “Let’s always put on that eyeliner.”

Is Gain’s yearbook photo simply endearing or positively ghastly?

gain yearbook photo

gain yearbook