Gary and Simon D’s Ex-Girlfriend Lady Jane Comment about Diss Battle

After what seemed like a continuing storm of diss battles between many of Korea’s top rappers, the heat seems to be slightly settling down. During this time, Gary and Lady Jane made some comments about what went down for the past week, which received a lot of attention.

First, Gary garnered attention for tweeting, “Cuties” as a reply to E-Sens and Simon D‘s photos.

First, E-Sens posted up a photo of himself and Simon D from the past. The photo shows E-Sens surrounded by fans, while Simon D is walking away with a bitter expression (and a crazy hairstyle). Whether the photo meant to serve as an offer of reconciliation or further humiliation for Simon D remains a mystery.

Afterwards, Simon D counterstruck with a set of photos of E-Sens from the past, also with a funny hairstyle.

simon d esens old pix 13

Many netizens commented on this photo and of those replies, Gary left a short message that said, “Cuties.” Many are assuming that Gary took the photos to mean that E-Sens and Simon D are in the process of making up.

Simon D’s ex-girlfriend Lady Jane also made a comment that referred to this matter, which caught eyes.

On August 28, Lady Jane was a guest on Kim Shin Young‘s radio show, during which she requested the DJ to play Vibe‘s “Even Though You Hate Me, Give It One More Try.” When Kim Shin Young asked Lady Jane why she chose the song, Lady Jane answered, “It just feels like there are a lot of people who are hating on each other these days.”

This created a ripple effect as the radio listeners posted up more song suggestions that were fitting for this situation.

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