Early on the morning of August 29 KST, a local news agency reported that Wonder Girls were in the process of disbanding, according a source in the music industry. Leader Sunye is having a baby soon, and an acquaintance previously announced that Sunye would then go to Haiti to do missionary work.

As for the other members, it seems the contracts for Ye Eun, Yoo Bin, and So Hee with JYP Entertainment will be ending soon at the end of the year or early next year. A source from the industry said Ye Eun has shown interest in staying with JYP Entertainment to be a producer and composer, and Yoo Bin is considering her options after being told about the new contract conditions. So Hee has wanted to move to another agency that specializes in actors for her acting career, but with JYP Entertainment also gathering its own crop of actors, like Lee Jung Jin, Choi Woo Sik, and other idol actors from 2AM, 2PM, and miss A, So Hee might make the decision to stay.

The news article also went on to state that JYP Entertainment was looking to replace the members of Wonder Girls as to continue the name brand of the group.

After this news came out and spread, JYP Entertainment spoke to several news agencies to refute the claims of a Wonder Girls’ breakup or member change. Reps stated “We haven’t discussed anything about this matter yet” and “The only people who can make a decision about the group disbanding are the members.” The agency also stated that the relationship between the Wonder Girls members, their families, and the agency is good, and they will begin to discuss resigning when the time comes naturally.

Source: My Daily, Osen, Star News