Block B Is Ready to Return Under New Agency

The long wait is about to be over for Block B and their fans! 

Block B and their former agency, Stardom Entertainment, have reached an agreement, ending their legal dispute. The group’s contract has been transferred to another company, Seven Seasons, to pave the way for Block B’s return.

Earlier this year, Block B filed for an injunction against Stardom Entertainment, citing unpaid earnings. They lost the case in June when the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the injunction, deciding that there wasn’t sufficient evidence. Block B responded that they will continue to fight, and now the long battle has ended with the two sides coming to an agreement.

According to a close source, the two sides continued to negotiate after the June decision and tried to think of ways for Block B to return to the stage. It was decided that Stardom will transfer over Block B’s contract to a new management agency called Seven Seasons. 

A rep from Seven Seasons stated, “We will give our full support for Block B to continue their activities. We will work hard for Block B, who have endured a difficult time, to be able to show their skills and talent. Additionally, we want to thank and give back to the fans who have continued to believe and support Block B during all this time.”

Can’t wait for Block B’s return!

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