Sandara Park and CL Volunteer at Holt Orphanage

Recently on August 29, 2NE1‘s CL and Sandara Park visited Holt Orphanage to volunteer. On their respective Twitter accounts on the same day, they each uploaded a photo.

Sandara Park also left a message, “I visited Holt Orphanage with Chaerin (CL). Lovely babies… I fed them and played with them. I think the babies liked me because I held them >.< Please grow up to be strong and pretty! I’m your Dara noona or aunt ㅠ Please remember me~”

On CL’s photo, she is giving a loving hug to a baby on the floor. On Sandara’s picture, she is also hugging a baby as she smiles happily.

Netizens whot saw these photos commented, “Sandara Park has a good heart,” “Cute baby,” and “Good to see CL and Sandara volunteering despite their busy schedule.”

CL twitter

sandara park twitter