Park Shin Hye and Miura Haruma Compliment Each Other in “Ceci” Magazine

S.A.L.T. Entertainment, home to actress Park Shin Hye, revealed photos of its star and Japanese actor Miura Haruma from a September “Ceci” pictorial.

The two young actors, both born in 1990, met under the theme of “Interviewee and Interviewer.” Park Shin Hye named Miura Haruma as an actor she has always liked. The Japanese actor also revealed he was a fan, stating he enjoyed watching Park Shin Hye in the dramas “You’re Beautiful” and “Flower Boy Next Door.

Throughout the photo shoot and interview, the two actors overcame the initial awkwardness and were soon joking around with each other. Miura Haruma complimented Park Shin Hye, saying, “I can see the passion and strength in her eyes the more I talk to her.” Park Shin Hye in return said, “Miura Haruma is definitely an actor who can take on a wide variety of roles.”

Park Shin Hye will be returning to Korea’s small screen soon through the October drama “The Heirs.” Miura Haruma recently finished the drama series “Last Cinderella” and is looking toward the premiere of his movie “The Eternal Zero” at the end of the year.

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