Chae Rim’s Rep Refutes Actress’ Recent Plastic Surgery Rumors

After the August 29 episode of KBS’ “Stars Falling in Love with Travel” aired in which actress Chae Rim was the featured star, netizens started to buzz about Chae Rim’s appearance, wondering if she underwent plastic surgery recently.

Chae Rim’s agency, Sidus HQ, responded to these speculations through various local news sources, saying, “We saw that plastic surgery rumors started to float around right after Chae Rim’s episode of ‘Stars Falling in Love with Travel.'” It then stated firmly, “She did not get plastic surgery. This program was filmed last year.”

A rep from the agency continued, “Since the program was made for overseas broadcast, it was broadcast last year in Japan and China, and now in Korea. The rumor that she got plastic surgery recently doesn’t make sense.”

Chae Rim is currently anticipating the broadcast of her Chinese drama “The Lee Family” and is looking into other projects in China. There are no plans as of yet for a return to Korea’s small screen. Her last Korean drama was 2010’s “Oh! My Lady” with Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon.

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