[Exclusive] A Special Letter From Lim Kim (Kim Yerim) Part 1

There is not much time left before Lim Kim releases her second mini album, which is scheduled to come out on September 9! This will mark three months since she released her first mini album “A Voice.” Managing to have a successful run with track “All Right,” she proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with- even if she’s a rookie. The public is curious and invested to see what she’ll bring this time around.

Before she officially makes her comeback with her second solo album “Her Voice,” Lim Kim decided to write a letter to Soompiers and share more about herself with the fans. She hopes that Soompiers will be able to dive in and look into her story.

Lim Kim’s Greeting

Hi, Soompiers. I’m Lim Kim from Togeworl! ^^ [Also known as Two Months] I think this is the first time that I’m greeting everyone at Soompi like this. I heard that there are a lot of international fans who are interested in my work so I came to thank everyone. Please welcome me. ^^ I haven’t done any official promotions abroad. That’s why there will be more people who don’t know me than those who have already heard my name. That’s why I want to try and introduce myself before my new album comes out. Please have fun reading!

A Normal Korean Who Studied Abroad, Formed “Togeworl” in New Jersey

lim kim 1

from “Number 1” music video

I was a child who always wanted to sing. However, it was hard for me to go in front of people with my shy personality so I only dreamed of singing. I had an opportunity to sing in front of my closest friends and they all seem to like it. That’s how I got courage. ^^ During that time, I heard about “Superstar K” holding auditions in New York. I thought that I should try and see if I really have what it takes to make it. Also, I thought of Daeyoon.

We went to the same high school and he was known at our school as the best guitarist. I thought it would be cool to audition together and pitched him the idea. To be honest, I didn’t really know him then. However, I thought that it would be great musically if we would work together. Daeyoon gladly accepted the offer and that’s how we auditioned as “Togeworl.” Just like how everyone knows the results, we were passed with unanimous votes! If you look at the music video for our two-year celebratory track “Number 1,” you’ll be able to see the formation of our group and thereafter. It’s a music video made from our real Facebook conversations. ^^

Togeworl‘s Lim Kim Generates Buzz for her “Mermaid” Voice on “Superstar K”

lim kim 2

from “Superstar K 3

left: during auditions; right: performing live

Togeworl flew to Korea after passing our audition. We were then able to stand on the live stage after passing the “Super Week”! I got a lot of attention for looking prettier when the live broadcast started. ^^ Judge Lee Seung Chul called me “dowdy” so I wanted to look prettier while I was preparing for the live broadcasts. I went on a diet and exercised diligently, and the “Superstar K” stylists worked really hard for me. I never dreamed that so many people would love and support Togeworl. I auditioned with a light heart thinking, “I’ll just try,” but the situation suddenly got so big. Coming to Korea was a surprising event for me, but surviving every week and getting into the top 3 was the biggest event of my life. It still seems like a dream. I will never be able to forget that time when so many people gave us their attention and talked about us. I always had the dream of becoming a singer, but I didn’t think it would come true this fast.

Lim Kim Appears in the tvN drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”

lim kim 3

from drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band

After “Superstar K,” I appeared in a drama. It was the tvN drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” which aired in the latter half of 2012. I think international fans recognize me because of this drama even though I have never performed overseas. There were many people who wrote on Youtube and Facebook that they got to know me through this drama. It is a project that has given me a lot of fun memories. ^^ Honestly, up until that point, I didn’t have a lot of interest or desire to act. Truthfully, it was a little awkward, but I regarded it as meaningful to participate and worked hard. I wanted to see how much talent I have and how much I enjoy it. I also had a desire to find out what hidden talents I had by experiencing a wide variety of things. I am taking acting lesson in my spare time even after the drama ended. It is not necessarily to act in another drama or movie, but it is because I can experience and express a wide of range of emotions that may be hard for someone at my age to know. It actually helps a lot when I sing. It helped a lot while recording for the new album coming out in September. If there is a chance in the future and there is a role I can do well in, I want to challenge acting again. I hope international fans will take interest then too.

“A Special Letter From Lim Kim” will continue in Part 2: Going Solo. Please look forward to it!

If there are any questions you have after reading Part 1, please ask them in the comment section below! Lim Kim plans to choose among the quesions and answer them after Part 2 is released.

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