[Spotlight] A Special Account Watching Boyband Say Yes Performing Live

Special note: A Soompi Shop staff attended the event and wrote her experience while halves in unison translated the account into English.

On the evening of August 26, I went out to Olleh Square as a member of Soompi Shop to help out with the monthly event “Lee.Bahl.Show.” (acronym for “This Month’s Discovery”)

For this month, it’s been confirmed that boyband Say Yes will perform for the event. This group was created under the tutelage of South Korea’s first ever idol group Sobangcha’s Kim Tae Hyung. To be honest, I had the chance to see the members’ profiles before their debut when I met up with one of the agency’s directors and didn’t really think they were that outstanding. However, I thought that they were really handsome when I got to see them in person. It’s a shame that their handsomeness can’t be appropriately shown on screen.

They’re pretty different from other idol groups since each member is able to play a variety of interesting instruments. Instead of focusing on one member’s talent, thought it was really cool that each member is able to play at least two instruments. *swoon* Even though there’s only been two so far, this month’s “Lee.Bahl.Show” required the most number of instruments to set up. And I’m pretty sure that record won’t be beat for some time. I heard that it cost a lot to set up this particular stage. There were even two drums on stage! It really made me anticipate their performance.

1 backstage 1

 While the fans were waiting, we hung out with the Say Yes members backstage. They were all getting their makeup done and practicing their greetings in English and Japanese.

2 backstage 2

The members politely bowed and greeted us when we went backstage. I see that they’ve been drinking from our Soompi marked water bottles.^^ Sunggyu showed us a wonderful yo-yo show. Even though it was before an hour-long show, the members didn’t look nervous at all and seem to be enjoying themselves.

3 backstage 3

Ta-da! It’s finally the opening stage!

Just like what I’ve expected from the huge instrumental setup (and two drums!), the sound of the performance was able to fill up the huge area around Gwanghwamun. People who didn’t know of Say Yes and were passing by the area slowed their footsteps and watched. I personally think that main vocal Kim Soobin’s performance really lit the stage with his powerful voice and great stage manner.

5 perform 2

Rapper Kim Junhyung put on a great show attaching a string to his djembe and having fun on stage running and jumping. Sion, the smiling angel of the group, showed off his skills on the drum and Song Hokyung just rocked out on the electric guitar.

During the second half of the show, Sungkyu showed the fans an awesome mini yo-yo show. Even though it was supposed to end at 8:30pm, due to the fans’ yearning shouts of “Encore!” the show went on til way past 9pm.

6 perform 1

Even though the members must be tired after putting on an almost two hour show, they quickly headed offstage and went inside to hold the fan signing event. There were over 300 fans waiting and they signed for all the fans even though I could see that their faces are damp with sweat from just performing. They spent an hour signing fans’ CDs and taking pictures with them.

7 fansign 1

The Soompi Team helped the members and gave them water bottles. There were a lot of fans so I curiously stepped out to see how long the line was and it wrapped outside of Olleh Square. The fans must also be tired, but they didn’t seem to be in a fuss and patiently waited for their personal time with the members.

 The event ended after 10pm. Say Yes must be tired after such a big event, but gave us big smiles before they headed back to their van.

8 fansign 2

I had a great time meeting the idol members with such talent, who are handsome, and with awesome personalities. The members will be giving Soompiers and exclusive interview soon, so please be on the lookout!

So, please look forward to who will be featured for September’s “Lee.Bahl.Show” and I’ll end it here!^^

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