Ladies’ Code Is Back with “Pretty Pretty” Music Video

Ladies’ Code is back with the music video for “Pretty Pretty,” the title song off their new second mini album of the same name. Their return is long-awaited after the injury of member Zuny delayed their July comeback.

“Pretty Pretty” is a fun and funky track with a catchy melody. It is composed, written, and arranged by Super Changddai. The colorful and artistic music video shows the members as confident women who are never at a loss for men chanting “You’re pretty! You’r Pretty!”

The advertisement world often uses the 3B Rule, which stands for “Beauty, Baby, Beast.” It’s a known rule that if all three are included in the advertisement, it will be a success. The music video also incorporates the rule- can you find all 3 B’s in the music video below?

The album “Pretty Pretty” will drop tomorrow September 5!