EXO’s Tao Uses miss A’s JiA’s Cat as His Weibo Profile Photo

EXO‘s Tao is currently under the spotlight for his Weibo profile picture.

Many netizens have noticed that Tao’s Weibo profile picture is a photo of miss A JiA‘s cat.

In Tao’s profile picture, a cat is laying on top of a yellow carpet and netizens have figured out that is in fact, JiA’s cat. Netizens have also figured out that the yellow carpet has been seen on JiA’s SNS account in the past.

jia cat 0905013

These connections have left netizens pondering about Tao and JiA’s relationship.

On September 5, JYP Entertainment sources spoke with OSEN and said, “Tao is known to like cats so it seemslike JiA has sent him a photo of her cat to show off.” SM sources also said, “Tao saw the picture and put it up with innocent intentions because the cat is cute.”

Both agencies mentioned that both idol stars related a lot to each other as Chinese members of a K-Pop idol group. However, both agencies firmly emphasized that they are nothing more than friends and that they are also close with other non-Korean members such as f(x)‘s Amber.

Meanwhile, Tao is appearing on the MBC sports variety show, “Star Diving Show Splash.”

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