Seungri Prefers to Win #1 Before G-Dragon Does

Seungri would rather win #1 before his Big Bang hyung G-Dragon does.

As a guest of September 5 broadcast of SBS Power FM “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” Seungri discussed the interesting experience of promoting his solo album “Let’s Talk About Love” side by side G-Dragon.

Having just dropped the second part of his album “Coup d’etat and music videos for “Coup d’etat” and “Crooked,” G-Dragon can be said to be well ahead in his tour de force to override the music scene.

“It would feel pretty peculiar if we were the two finalists for the #1 spot,” Seungri confessed. “But rather than getting competitive, I want to reach the top supporting each other. Of course I’d rather win #1, but I would really congratulate G-Dragon-hyung if he won it too.”

If these two were pitted against each other, who would you support?

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