[Exclusive] A Special Letter From Lim Kim Part 2

Story of Lim Kim’s First Solo Album “All Right”

Lim Kim talked about her journey from a normal student studying abroad in the United States to organizing the duet group Togeworl for “Superstar K 3” and making her official debut as a singer in her previous letter to Soompi in Part 1.

For her second letter, Lim Kim will share her story regarding her solo debut album “A Voice.” Her debut title track “All Right” became a huge hit, quickly setting her apart from the other rookie artists. She also realized her dreams by having the chance to work with her favorite artists from her childhood.

 A Small Break From Togeworl… Lim Kim Begins Solo Project

lim 1

Togeworl was mentored by Yoon Jong Shin during “Superstar K 3” and later joined his agency MYSTIC89 at the end of 2012. Maybe it’s because of the big love we received during the audition program, but we were offered contracts with a number of agencies. However, when we got an offer from mentor Yoon Jong Shin, there were no hesitations nor worries about where to go. It felt like an instant when Daeyoon and I became a part of MYSTIC89’s family. Why did we pick this agency? First, mentor Yoon Jong Shin knows us the best and I also believe that he can help us improve as musicians.

After joining MYSTIC89, Togeworl quickly started on our first album. It was while we were already deep in the middle of working on our album that Daeyoon had to suddenly leave for the States due to the issue with school. It was imperative that he returned to the States and graduate from high school. That’s why Togeworl’s first album has been postponed until Daeyoon returns to Korea. I hope that the fans who have been waiting for Togeworl’s first album will patiently wait a little longer. ^^

Lim Kim’s First Solo Album “A Voice” Release

colorring cover

Now left on my own, I decided to release my solo album before my group Togeworl’s debut album. I wanted to show everyone Lim Kim’s music that’s different from what Togeworl is known to produce. I thought it was a great opportunity to show everyone a new side to myself. To be honest, it’s a side that I always had, but wasn’t able to show during my time on “Superstar K 3.^^


Mentor Yoon Jong Shin, who helped produce my album, also agreed with my reasons. If the Lim Kim inside Togeworl exudes purity and cuteness, I wanted to show that Lim Kim outside of the group can be tender, chic, passionate… that I can be many things and express them through music. My first album’s title is “A Voice.” You can check the full spectrum of my unique vocal color and range with this album. I hope that everyone will be able to hear all five songs on the album “A Voice.” (Number 1, Colorring, Alice, All Right, Like You Know It)

The Song That Fully Showcases My Voice, “All Right”

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The title track for my debut album is “All Right.” So many people loved the song to my surprise and I’m still thankful to those who are still showing the track a lot of love. I was able to be nominated for the first place on Mnet’s “M! Countdown,” MBC’s “Music Core,” SBS’s “Inkigayo” among other music programs through this song. People around me have said that for a rookie to have his or her debut song nominated for first place within a week after the song’s release is a big deal. I’m ecstatic and I feel great.

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“All Right” is composed and written by mentor Yoon Jong Shin. The song was created with my unique voice in mind. The song is about a woman’s feeling after breaking up. She isn’t well, but in order to quickly cut her ties with the guy, she would say that she’s all right. I hope that you’ll be able to watch the music video since I come out well in the distinct atmosphere.^^

Lim Kim Appearing on Variety Programs Like “Running Man,” “Happy Together,” “Beatles Code,” “Super Match”

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After “All Right” became a big hit, I was able to meet many viewers through a variety of television programs. I’m still appearing on television shows now.^^ I heard that Korean variety programs are really popular overseas. There must be some who know of me because of those shows, right? I ran really hard when I appeared on “Running Man” and ended up being on the same team as senior Kim Jong Kook. On “Happy Together,” I received a lot of love by showing my recipe “fried cookie.” ^^ If you were able to catch the program, I hope that you try the recipe at least once.

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On “Super Match,” I got to appear on the same episode with seniors Lee Seung Hwan, YB, Bobby Kim, Yang Hee Eun, Lee Hyun Do, CL, Clazziquai, Dynamic Duo, Kim Tae Woo. It’s an honor just to be able to stand on the same stage as them. Especially being able to have a duet with senior Yang Hee Eun, who is someone I look up to. I was so moved.^^ If the opportunity comes my way, I want to be able to greet my foreign fans by appearing on variety programs you watch!

“A Special Letter From Lim Kim” will continue in Part 3.

Please look forward to it!If there are any questions you have after reading Part 2, please ask them in the comment section below! Lim Kim plans to choose among the questions and answer them after Part 3 is released.

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