Kara’s Han Seung Yeon and MC Yoon Jong Shin Apologize for Kara and “Radio Star” Controversy

Han Seung Yeon of Kara and MC Yoon Jong Shin responded to the controversy around Goo Hara‘s and Kang Ji Young‘s emotional and teary outburst on the program “Radio Star.” 

On the September 4 broadcast of “Radio Star” Kara came on as guests for their first variety program since their comeback for “Damage Lady.” During the show Goo Hara tried unsuccessfully to dodge the topic of dating and her recent scandals and surprised everyone by crying. Later on, Kang Ji Young also shed tears after the MCs pressured her to do aegyo.

There were mixed responses from the internet community on what happened on the show. Some said that the MCs had gone too far while others said that Kara should have expected the questions and had a more professional attitude on the show. 

Han Seung Yeon was also on the show (but did not cry) and took to Twitter to apologize on behalf of the Kara members. She wrote, “I want to start off by apologizing to the people of ‘Radio Star’ who cast us on the show. We will reflect on the fact that our individual attitudes on the show were not professional. We want to apologize to and thank the show’s MC and our fellow guest Park Jin Young for caring for us during and after the show.”

She also added, “I am posting this after spending the whole day agonizing over what to say.”

Yoon Jong Shin was one of the MCs on the show and he took to his own personal Facebook to respond to what had happened. “I think their tears was the most honest response. As always, we are mischievous and try to cause trouble. Our guests cannot always respond tactfully and laugh it off. I’m sure they were going through a hard time. I take responsibility. I apologize.”

One of the writers for “Radio Star” also took to Twitter to give her two cents. Kim Tae Hee (not the actress) wrote, “Kara is more polite and better at variety shows compared to other girl groups. Although they did get emotional during the recording, they were quick to laugh it off and loosen the mood, and I appreciated it. Please don’t speak badly about them! They are kind and pretty kids.”




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