[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – September Week 1

It’s back! All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!

  • Idol Athletic Championships was filmed this week which means that soon we will be able to see the derpy running faces of our most handsome idols. That’s my favorite part anyway.
  • The “Seoul International Drama Awards” aired this week and you can read about who said what during the awards and see exclusive pictures from the red carpet and the ceremony
  • Kang Sung Hoon‘s prison sentence has been reduced to probation. What is happening to our first generation idols?
  • Super Junior‘s Heechul is back and the first thing he said was that he wanted to get go on “We Got Married” with his hoobae Xiumin from EXO. Is this some kind of weird way of subtly coming out of the closet? Or maybe Heechul is that obsessed with Sohee. Either way, he got a lot of people talking about that declaration. What do you think, WGM producers? Sounds like ratings gold to me.

The SNS photo of the week goes to Victoria and f(x)‘s fourth anniversary! Four years with f(x)! Congratulations!

This week’s fashion pictorial goes to Daniel Henney for looking too handsome for print as the title says. Who dares disagree?!

Next…the music video of the week is a little…crooked.

This week had a lot of music video releases but the music video of the week goes to “Crooked” because of G-Dragon‘s I-don’t-give-a-damn mental breakdown. His other song “Coup D’Etat” was a visual treat but “Crooked” was better on the ears. 

Other notable music videos: 


In music news: 

Next…I really can’t wait for “Heirs

In drama and film news:

  • Heirs” had its first script reading and it was beautiful. Now can you imagine these beautiful people all dressed up and acting dramatically? I can’t wait!
  • Passionate Love” also held its first script reading with Seohyun reading the drama script as an actress for the first time.
  • Watch the preview for BoA‘s drama debut, “Expect Dating.”
  • Kim Soo Hyun, TOP, Park Yoo Chun and more attended the VIP Premiere of “Physiognomy.” 
  • Are you watching “Master’s Sun” and following the Soompi recap? I hear the Soompi “Master’s Sun” community is growing and full of great people! You should check it out.

In variety news:

  • With the older couples gone, Taemin and Son Na Eun will weirdly be the veteran couple to Lee So Yeon, Yoon Han, Jung Yoo Mi, and Jung Joon Young
  • Running Man” is going to the idols. A special idol episode will air on Sept 8 and then Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung will appear in a later episode.
  • We don’t condone this but we wanted to know the answer: Which member in B.A.P has the prettiest butt

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