Son Dam Bi Looks Sexy and Mature in Her New Haircut

Son Dam Bi proves once more she’s a queen of many hairdo’s.

Son Dam Bi posted on her Twitter a selca showing off her short hair cut. “In the process of filming ‘Special K.’ This one will be daebak. Coming soon.” She had flaunted this new do earlier in the summer, but she appears much more mature and professional in this latest picture. A fiery red top to match Kellogg’s “Special K” theme with a chic pair of earrings can offer an explanation to this transformation.

Netizens have responded positively to her new image: “Son Dam Bi’s new haircut is so pretty and cute,” “I think Son Dam Bi looks better with short hair,” “I can’t wait for her to be on commercials with this new do,” “Son Dam Bi, stop getting prettier,” “Son Dam Bi I love you.”

son dam bi special k