BTS Drops Audio Preview of “O! RUL8,2?” Mini Album

Powerful hip-hop group BTS has released an audio preview of their “O! RUL8,2?” mini album.

The upcoming album contains the message of finding one’s happiness before it is the too late. In particular, their title track “N.O” has the lyrics “You can’t keep saying later anymore/ Don’t live trapped in another person’s dreams.” 

Another track that stands out is number nine “팔도강산” (Pal Do Kang San), which showcases BTS’ rapping skills in regional dialect, and was composed in 2011 during BTS’ trainee days.

You can preview seven tracks from the album and also concept images that show the members dressed in all white, instead of the all black from their debut days.

The music video for “N.O.” and its mini album will be released on September 11.

bts orul82 tracklist