Crayon Pop Releases “Bar Bar Bar” Global Version MV!

The unexpected hit sensation of this summer, Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar” is being revamped in a 2.0 or global version!

The quirky girl group Crayon Pop has released the a new music video for “Bar Bar Bar” that has a different concept and props from their first version. The filming of the new music video took place in various locations throughout Seoul including Noksapyeong Station, Garosu Street, Han River Amusement Park, and the Children’s Grand Park. The first music video was filmed in one location but this version gives a tour of the cosmopolitan city. There are also a couple references to “Gangnam Style” — see if you can spot where!

Version 2.0 comes after Crayon Pop signed with Sony Music Entertainment. Sony Music Entertainment stated to Star News, “We filmed this one not to be different from the first version but to spread the dance to the international market. We focused more on the dance this time than in the first music video.”

It might not be available for viewing in some countries like the U.S. as of yet. We will update you when it is.

Here is version 2.0!

Here is version 1.0!

Which do you like more?