Five Dolls (5dolls) Go Innocent and Pure for New Mini Album “First Love”

Girl group Five Dolls (5dolls) are coming back with a new mini album titled “First Love.” 

For this album, the girls go for a innocent and pure image that suits the theme of “first love,” a turn from their pre-release track “Soulmate No.1” image. The girls are dressed in white and styled with flower wreaths in their hair. They sit in a white-color swing, reminiscent of first generation idol group Fin.K.L‘s “Forever Love” days.

The title track of the album is called “Love You, Love You Not” (tentative). There will be seven tracks in total, with song from popular composers like Double Side Kick, Shinsadong Tiger, and Park Deok Sang. The title track is from Double Side Kick and has an acoustic sound.

The music video for ” “Love You, Love You Not” will be revealed September 12 and Five Dolls will have their comeback stage on “M!Countdown” on the same day. The full album will be available Septeber 17.

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