SM and Samsung Join Forces to Contribute Back To Society

The heavy weight company in the entertainment is set to partner up with the heavy weight company in everything else to contribute something back to the community that has helped both companies reach the heights they have reached so far. 

In an event held at Samsung C&T head office’s aptly named “Vision Hall,” SM Entertainment‘s Chairman Lee Soo Man and President of Samsung’s Charitable Arm, Samsung Corporate Citizenship, Seo Joon Hee, signed a business agreement to jointly pursue programs designed to contribute back to the community. Other people present for the event include SM Entertainment President Kim Yong Min, DBSK’s Yunho, and f(x)’s Sulli


This new joint project between SM Entertainment and Samsung will be called S Cube, which stands for  S³-Samsung x SM x Society- and continues Samsung’s recent push to label all their consumer facing products “S something.” According to the companies, the name is meant to symbolize the joining of the two companies to create a better community for everyone. The new venture will take advantage of SM Entertainment’s content producing prowess along with Samsung’s already pre-existing charitable arm and claims to be a new model in terms of how companies should contribute back to the community.


SM Entertainment chairman Lee Soo Man stated, “I’m happy to see that we will be able to contribute back to the community on a global scale through this venture and repay all the love we received from fans and the public. We will play our part with Samsung to make the world a happier place by utilizing the capabilities and resources of SM Entertainment.”

President of Samsung Corporate Citizenship, Seo Joon Hee, also stated, “We hope to create a new paradigm and infuse new values in the field of corporate philanthropy by having two corporations join forces, each having increased its competitiveness in the global market in different fields.”


DBSK’s Yunho also offered his opinion by stating, “It’s an honour [to be doing this], and I’m extremely pleased. I’ve received a lot of love from fans as I performed in numerous performances overseas. I had always thought that I should repay them in a more meaningful manner.” He continues by saying, “I’m pleased that I’ll be able to undertake various philanthropic work. I hope that it will be a meaningful occasion.”

f(x)’s Sulli also added on that “I also think highly of philanthropy. I entered SM Entertainment when I was in fifth grade and treated it like school. From an early age, I learned a lot and realized my dream. I’m pleased that a lot of people will be able to have the same experiences that I had.”


Some of the plans for this new venture include the creation of a SM Study Centre, where artists, directors, composers, and producers from SM will teach kids from less fortunate places subjects such as dancing, music, and other related areas. Samsung will also contribute to the project its various education programs and will also be providing staffing resources as well. The two companies will also be cooperating with SM in their concerts being held in China and other Asian countries to help out multi-cultural families. Samsung will be providing the resources to allow immigrant women to revisit their home countries while SM Entertainment will be hiring immigrant women to act as interpreters for their various concerts, while also inviting their families to the concerts in question.

SM Entertainment also plans to create an internal philanthropy group comprised of staff members and artists by the end of the year, while also continuing their joint philanthropy venture with Samsung.