Lee Kwang Soo Is Worried About How BFF Song Joong Ki Is Coping With Military Service

Lee Kwang Soo is worried about his best friend Song Joong Ki who was recently enlisted for military service.

On September 11, Lee Kwang Soo posted on his Twitter, “Are you having a hard time?” and included a screenshot of a post from another Twitter account.

The message reads, “I’m not lying, but my friend is at the same training center with Song Joong Ki and he said that Song Joong Ki got caught eating a chocopie. kekekekekekekekekekekeke So he’s really human.”

Haha responded to the post, “Let’s go and visit him… holding some chocopies…” Lee Kwang Soo’s fanbase commented, “Aigoo, Joong Ki oppa *cries* Do you want to see Kwang Soo oppa worrying about you, Joong Ki oppa? Wish Kwang Soo oppa and Joong Ki oppa strength~ Fighting ♡”

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